5 Best Wrinkle Creams on the Market – For Any Budget

As we age, and our collagen production can’t meet demand, our skin can’t repair itself as easily anymore. In looking for an anti-aging facial cream we want to find one that helps repair the skin. This is best done by finding wrinkle creams that both hydrates and promotes collagen production. That’s not easily done, however. And it might not be completely necessary.

You might know by now the role collagen plays keeping our skin youthful and elastic. Many think this means finding a collagen cream – a cream that actually contains collagen proteins or peptides – but that is not the way to promote collagen production in the skin. There is a way, and it’s explained here: promote collagen production in your body.

Meantime, we still need to moisturize our skin. Hydration is essential in anti-aging and well, overall health. (It’s equally as important as sleep, in fact.) We can select an anti-aging facial cream that hydrates and helps promote collagen in our skin.

How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream for You

As we know, applying collagen topically won’t do much in the way of anti-aging. If you’re taking a good collagen supplement that works, you can add to your anti-aging regimen by applying a topical cream that – at best – aids in collagen production, or in the very least keeps our skin hydrated.


Look for the following ingredients in your facial cream:

  • Retinoids – this comes from vitamin A. It helps promote healthy cell turnover and collagen production.
  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant that promotes the production of collagen in the skin, and helps lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots. Only one kind of vitamin c can be absorbed in the skin: ascorbic acid, also called L-ascorbic and L-ascorbate. This is vitamin c in it’s purest form.
  • Vitamin E – an antioxidant that reduces UV damage and free radicals.
  • A good hydrator – like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, shea butter, bees wax, rose oil, etc. Hydration is a key ingredient to anti-aging.

***NOTE – some say a good cream would include collagen peptides. But the skin is too thick to absorb these. To utilize peptides, you must consume and digest them. There’s a whole process they must go through in your body to get into your bloodstream and distributed to the various parts of your body. Basically, when you improve your collagen production, it’s not just your skin that benefits, but also your bones and joints and many other parts of you. Read the whole article on this here: How to Get Collagen to Work

Further, these are budget creams. We’ll do another post on high-end facial creams because we believe you often get what you pay for. Personally, I’m not afraid to pay for a good anti-aging regimen. And my husband seems to appreciate it. 🙂 However, if you’re on a budget, I totally get that. As long as you’re consuming collagen in some way – either bone broth or collagen supplements, all you really need is a really good moisturizer. So, here are 5 of the best wrinkle creams for any budget.

Best Anti-Aging Facial Creams

1) Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer

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Neutrogena uses a retinol formula, which is a unique combination of retinol SA and glucose complex coupled with hyaluronic acid, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and diminish the appearance of age spots. Basically, it’s an anti-wrinkle nighttime moisturizer. It has been known to help with clearing up acne and repair sun-damaged skin. And at less than eighteen bucks, it’s quite affordable.

2) OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

If you’ve got the collagen production down, and all you’re looking for is a really good moisturizer, this is a good one. This is good for textured skin like wrinkles coupled with very dry skin. And at $21, it can fit any budget.

3) RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging Retinol Night Cream

RoC Retonol Correxion has both retinol and hydrating ingredients. And it’s budget-friendly at only $16 on Amazon.

4) Naturopathica Gotu Kola Intense Repair Balm

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Naturopathica Gotu Kola Intense Repair Balm contains both retina and hydration properties, and they’re not the last ingredients on the list. In fact, personally, I’m really impressed with the ingredient list. It’s $120 on their own site. But only $63 on Amazon. Which fits most budgets.

5) Avene Retrinal 0.1 Intensive Cream

This one contains retinol to correct visible signs of aging, retinaldehyde, the most effective form of vitamin A (retinol). Also pre-tecopheryl, which is a precursor of vitamin E, and works as an antioxidant. This is a gentle formula to help with sensitive skin. The end result: wrinkles are visibly reduced. Skin texture is refined and complexion irregularities get smoothed out. It helps the skin look fuller, improves tone, and helps elasticity. At only $69 on Amazon , it fits most budgets.