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Ellmaxx is one author and two researchers in search for truth. In all things, we seek it out. Our mission is to get down to the veracity of what matters. And if there’s a solution, we’ll find it.

We try to post 1-2 articles a month – or so, or every other month. We aim to give you our best, highest-quality content because we want to give you value and ultimately the truth as we know it. We won’t rush it. This kind of content takes time…

Admittedly, some of our earlier content might feel rushed. This is because, at the time, we were listening to big-named bloggers who fly by the maxim that more content is better. But this didn’t work for us. It wasn’t our truth. We needed more time to verify and confirm and find accurate facts. This is the step most reporters miss – verification. We want to know it’s true before we present it to you.

***At the moment, we’re on an anti-aging kick. Just wait…we’ve got some content coming that will blow your mind! Can aging be reversed? we’ll tell you all about what we’ve found in the coming weeks. (No, I’m not talking about collagen or antioxidants or anything like that…) Be sure you’re subscribed (below) to find out the truth.

In an effort to help during this global covid pandemic, we wanted to bring you the most useful information to help you during these strange and difficult times. For this reason you’ll find many articles around this topic. We will continue for as long as necessary. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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