Did Bill Gates predict COVID-19 in Ted Talk Virus 2015?

Did Bill Gates predict the Coronavirus Pandemic? In truth, he spoke of “the next outbreak” in the Bill Gates Ted Talk Virus 2015, and warned us that “we’re not ready.”

He said the most likely thing to kill 10M people is a virus, not war. He warned that if we didn’t prepare then, it “could allow for the next epidemic to be dramatically more devastating than ebola.” See for yourself:

Bill gates wasn’t the only one to warn about an epidemic

In the Bill Gates Ted Talk Virus 2015, he warned that we weren’t ready. In fact, many other experts foresaw similar epidemics, and they all seemed to be in agreement: that we are not prepared for it.

Could the coronavirus really claim 10M lives?

Our answer? We can at least minimize the impact as much as possible by each of us doing our part. Take a look at how it spreads:

People can carry COVID-19 without knowing it. It is our responsibility to take the precautions. If we each do our part, we can collectively make an impact. So, get educated. Stay home. Cover your mouth and nose. Disinfect your house. And keep your social distance from others. In short follow coronavirus health and safety guidelines

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