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Is it a bully romance, though? Technically, can be categorized as a suspense and second chance romance. And a bully romance. Arguably one of the best books on kindle unlimited right now, this undiscovered new release, Escaping Pride, is a standalone with an HEA (happy-ever-after). It’s for mature readers, so beware. This is a full book review…

Escaping Pride by Miranda E Matthews – Synopsis:

book review of Escaping Pride

Before you read the blurb, let us warn you: the book is not what it sounds like…

Olivia Elliot was destined to be with Emmet James. They met early in life, fell in love, and had the greatest summer of their lives. They planned their future together. And they planned to meet again. Then everything was ripped from them.

Seven years later, Olivia is living a very different life than she’d ever planned. She’s not in love, but who gets two great loves in one lifetime? She’s okay with this life. Until she walks right into her second chance. But is it too late?

Has her grief trapped her with the Pride of Deception Falls? Can she break free from the control he has on her? Will she ever get her happy-ever-after?

The blurb just doesn’t cover it. Escaping Pride is not like any other romance book you’ll read. Ever.

Not Your Typical Second Chance Romance Book

Escaping Pride is not like the rest. This one is…smart. The plot was clearly designed to take you on a roller-coaster of emotions and leave you both heaving and satisfied at the end. As a fiction editor, knowing a little something about story structure, I can honestly say, this author knows what she’s doing.

And that’s not to mention the character development. Often, I find romance lacking in this… Most of the time, the heroines don’t change at all, although their male counterparts tend to. Which makes sense, right? There are things women want – and that is why we read romance novels.

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Women want to feel safe, understood, and seen. And of course, we want the sexual tension. Those are the things good romances do for us, even if they’re generally poorly executed. Oh, yes, I said it. Most of the times (not all) romances live up to their bad rap. Often, the only thing keeping us turning the page is the tension between the two love interests. And that’s enough. That said, I read romance just like the next girl.

But, what if a romance could be well-plotted? What if we could get character growth?

Good plotting and real character reversal doesn’t mean you won’t get your fair share of sexual tension in this book. Believe me, Escaping Pride heats up. But it’s more than a sex book. In fact, it’s not quite an erotica. Or maybe it is…

It’s intricate. It’s heart-wrenching. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s a must read. We’re not going to spoil it here for you. But we’ll give you a little tease…

A Bully Romance

This second chance romance novel can get a bit dark at times… Although it’s not a dark romance, or even a bully romance, in the sense that the love interest is cruel to her and she loves him anyway. In a way, and definitely at first, this is is the case.

After losing the love of her life, Olivia lost herself. When she married the dominating bully of the town, Warren Pride, she was so far removed from who she was that she couldn’t see the mistake she was making that would ultimately be her downfall.

The longer they stayed married to Warren, the more of herself she lost. It wasn’t until the love of her life, Emmet, returned that she started to open her eyes.

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Wait. This isn’t a Cinderella rescue story. Emmet serves more as a catalyst for Olivia to rescue herself. Her hero’s journey is about her finding herself again, and becoming who she truly is. Only then can she have the one she loves.

But will he wait for her?

As we said, the novel gets dark. Olivia is faced with many obstacles to overcome, many of which can be slightly more than disturbing. And just when we think the worst that can possibly happen to her has happened, it gets even worse…

Okay, maybe there is a little bit of a rescue – every girl wants to be rescued on some level, right? In Escaping Pride, we do get that satisfaction right when we need it. But it’s only temporary. And it’s not what you think. In the end, she must save herself.

A Second Book?

Although the romance is meant to be a stand alone, we feel there’s room for a sequel. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking. I certainly want more – if not of this story, then more like it. Miranda’s other books seem to be strictly erotica. Plotted well? Yes. Good? Yes. But those are all about the tension, if you know what I mean. But hey, if enough people take an interest, maybe we could get the author to continue Olivia’s and Emmet’s journey…

Though the plot gets wrapped up and the storyline ends, by the end, you’re going to want more, trust me. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, Escaping Pride by far one of the best books on kindle unlimited right now.

Don’t take my word for it. You can hear it from other readers…

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