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5 Best Countertop and Under Sink Water Filters

With the growing amounts of microplastic particles and other dangerous contaminants in not only our…

ByByEllmaxxJuly 1, 2020

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Is Water Keeping Me Fat?

You might have tried every diet in the book, every exercise regime under the sun,…

ByByEllmaxxJuly 1, 2020

Is Wearing a Face Mask Mandatory and Which One Should I Wear?

Is wearing a face mask mandatory? What does this mean for our freedom? And how…

ByByEllmaxxJune 25, 2020

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Collagen – and How to Tap Into Them

You might have heard that collagen is the secret to youth and beauty. And you’re…

ByByEllmaxxJune 23, 2020

Sleep Deprivation – How do We Get the Sleep We Need?

Sleep deprivation is costly in so many ways. The role sleep plays in our health…

ByByEllmaxxJune 22, 2020

Review of On Her Feet by A.R. Curtis

Review of On Her Feet by AR Curtis On Her Feet is a humorous story…

ByByEllmaxxMay 29, 2020
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