Constant Lower Back Pain – Best Treatment

This article is for people who suffer constant lower back pain and are looking for a permanent solution. Whether it’s pain in the lower left back, lower right back, it doesn’t matter. 

Many of us have experienced lower back pain symptoms… one second we’re on top of the world, going about our normal, everyday living. Next second, we’re struck down with sharp, stabbing pain. 

Chronic lower back pain – or the sharp nerve pain of sciatica, are becoming increasingly common everywhere around the world. It’s not limited to one place, one sex, or one age group. The condition can affect anyone.

The stabs strike without warning and leave debilitating symptoms.

Sciatica can sneak up on us, laying us low before we even realize what’s happening. We may have run around yesterday at the top of our game. But today, we can barely make it out of bed. And that’s not to mention the sleep we’re not getting at night.

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And other times, constant lower back pain can be more of an insidious enemy, slowly and painstakingly worsening day by day, week by week, until we eventually find ourselves in unbearable, crippling agony – unable to even sit down in our own chair at the office, let alone sleep at night.

In fact, our harmless-looking office chair could be the very reason for our torture. Sitting in one position for hours and hours day in and day out is widely known to be hazardous to back health, especially for the lower vertebrae. Gradually, the muscles cramp a little tighter and become more painful until we can’t bear it any longer.

You might be in your twenties with an office job, an active social life… Maybe even a bit of a fitness nut. As active as you are, you’re not immune. One day you might find yourself all cramped up like a person suffering from old age.

But enough of that. We know why we’re here. Now, let’s get to the root of it…

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Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Specifically, lower back pain vs sciatica…

If you’ve been having constant lower back pain, it’s not necessarily sciatica, although it could be. So, how do you tell?

There are a few signs that could tell you it’s sciatica… If you’re experiencing these, check with your physician to be sure.

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  • Pain in the sciatic nerve pathway – Lower back pain extending to your butt down to the back of your leg
  • Pain in these areas worsening when you sit or lie down in specific positions
  • Having difficulty standing due to severe pain in the back, hips, butt, and the back of your legs after hours of sitting or lying down
  • Constant pain on either side of your buttocks
  • Experiencing burning or tingling sensation in these
  • Numbness and weakness
  • Having trouble moving or walking
  • Pain can extend to the foot and toes in some cases
  • Coughing or sneezing causing the pain to worsen
  • Losing bladder or bowel control
  • Typically, sciatica affects one side of the body

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Most people’s response to the constant lower back pain is to call the doctor. And many would agree that this is exactly what you should do. But it’s not necessarily the best course of action.

A doctor’s lower back pain treatment is likely to involve painkillers and general one-size-fits-all advice in an attempt alleviate the pain. So we’ll address the painkilling drugs, which get dished out like candy anymore. Then we’ll get back to the to the “advice”…

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Taking pills is generally not a good idea. 

All painkillers do is dull and mask the pain instead of addressing the root cause of the back pain or sciatica. They also have many unwanted side effects such as constipation and other uncomfortable surprises. 

Even worse, you run the risk of getting addicted to the pills. You may take one or two pills to help ease your pain, then the next time, you need a third or fourth because two just aren’t strong enough anymore… Soon, you’re sliding down the slippery slope to dependence and addiction. 

As for the advice given by many doctors – many will tell you to rest, lie down, and take it easy. But this is not the best advice. 

It’s common knowledge that tips such as “Rest”, “Lie Down” and “Take it easy” definitely do not work in the management of back pain and sciatica.

Are There Other Back Pain Treatment Options?

Well, there are specific, exhaustively-researched exercises  – lower back pain stretches – which can, in fact, bring real relief if you are suffering from any kind of back pain or it’s evil twin, sciatica. 

Lower back pain exercises may seem counter-intuitive. You might be thinking that movement will only worsen your problems and rest is the easier way to go.


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    Exercise, however, is the better course of action. When done the right way, stretches can do more help than anything else. 

    On the other hand, rest, relaxation, lying down and generally taking it easy can actually cause more harm in the end.

    When they go unused, your muscles cramp. They stiffen and tense, and lead to more pain. You could eventually become unable to use them at all due to all the pain nonuse had caused.

    Nobody wants to go there… You can learn new exercises and stretches that address the root cause. When researching a regimen, make sure you’re addressing the root cause, and not just the symptoms. If you’re only focused on the symptoms, they will keep coming back because you haven’t plucked out the cause. There is one program that does that. It’s an alternative, all-natural and active approach.

    Learn More about an Alternative, All-Natural and Approach

    Lower Back Pain Stretches and Exercises

    Now, we can’t tell you what to do. We’re not doctors. What you read on our site is our opinion, based on painstaking, in-depth research and testing.

    But here’s what we would do: we wouldn’t do drugs or painful steroid injections. And we’d definitely stay away from expensive surgical procedures that aren’t necessary in the first place. All these translate to is months and months of added pain, inconvenience, loss of income, and all for a very small chance of healing. 

    All that’s needed, in addition to healthy nutritional management, is a few simple, easy-to-manage stretches in the comfort of your own home. No special equipment is needed and no physical therapists or chiropractors.

    Find out more about the break-through method to alleviate back pain:

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    What Your Doctors Won’t Tell You About Sciatica 

    Sciatica is nerve pain which can hit you anywhere from your hips to your feet. Like we said earlier, it strikes without warning and can take months to get better… basically, as we mentioned above, it’s hell in a hand-basket.

    Lower back pain symptoms can also simmer slowly, as explained above. And it’s treatable with the right kind of very simple stretches.

    So, why do doctors continue to keep the facts about back pain and sciatica from their patients? 

    Do they want us to suffer? Maybe, but probably not. In reality, it benefits those in the medical field for us to keep returning to them over and over again, asking for drugs or general advice.

    Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. It’s not like they’re bad people. That’s what they’ve been trained to do – address the symptoms; prescribe drugs. I am grateful to have doctors around, especially for emergencies like car accidents and injuries. Personally, I only go to to the doctor’s for my annual, regular maintenance – to check under the hood, if you will, and make sure nothing serious is going on. 

    I don’t take prescriptions either. 

    The pharmaceutical companies hold so much power over the medical industry. It certainly wouldn’t help them if we all got fit and healthy again, would it?

    Again, they have their place. But, it’s far and few between. 

    The alternative is, as mentioned above, lower back pain stretches. Specifically, the right kind, done in the right way…

    Lower Back Pain Exercises

    There’s a revolutionary exercise routine which can simply and painlessly get rid of back pain for good. 

    If you haven’t heard of the pilates teacher, personal trainer, speaker and author Kimberly Clark, she developed the solution and put it all together in the Back in Action Back Pain Relief Program. It’s a pretty incredible system .

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    The back pain treatment and exercises in the Back in Action pain relief program came out of months and months of rigorous trial-and-error research. The end result is an effective and simple remedy for constant lower back pain and sciatica that addresses the root cause and gets rid of the pain for good.

    Bottom Line

    The all-natural, active approach is the best solution for back pain. In some extreme cases, there might be cause for other, more abrasive measures, but generally, if you can go all-natural, that is the best route for your health and longevity.


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