JULY 31 – Covid Update – What to do Now

covid update

July 31 Covid Update – Some positive news – as of today, July 31st, overall cases are plateauing. As much as we’d like to see it decreasing, at the moment the number of cases is not increasing.

Covid Update July 2020 – What to do Now – Moving through July and Covid is not only still here, but it’s getting worse.

New infections rose for 41 days in a row Sunday. More than 50 hospitals in Florida alone have run out of ICU bed capacity.

Though politicians are hopeful that we’ll have a vaccine by the end of the year, the medial field is more pessimistic.

Many cities are now reinstating restrictions. Protests are everywhere. Death counts are on the rise. And people continue to test positive for coronavirus.

What can we do to help? First, let’s look at what not to do…

Aren’t you glad these people aren’t running the country? 

Image Source: KSAT.com
Image Source: expressnews.com

Image Source: The Nation

I’m talking about the people in the pictures. If they were running the country, we’d all be sick.

They’re like toddlers who throw tantrums when they can’t have candy – or because they can’t hit other kids. And, like toddlers, they’re not capable of real decisions.

I mean, I get the whole, don’t tell me what to do thing. Personally, I won’t be told what to do in many areas of life. But this is just hurting other people. That’s not what liberty is about. 

When a person knows that he or she could be carrying the virus and passing it to anyone with whom they come into contact, especially the elderly and those at fatal risk (people who are most likely to die if they get covid), and they still choose NOT to wear a mask, that person is just an ass. 

Refusing to wear a mask in public is so reckless it’s as bad as driving drunk. Or drunkenly waving a gun around without the safety on. Or hot-boxing in a car with small children. You get the idea. It’s careless and self-centered and just plain effed up. 

Stay away from these people. They’ll only get you sick. They’re probably the reason the infected numbers keep rising exponentially. They’re certainly one reason it’s so dangerous to reopen the economy right now when so many people are in dire need for employment. It’s not just the protestors, but anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public knowing the consequences. 

You don’t have to judge them necessarily. You can have compassion for them from a distance.

Why are they behaving this way? Well, why does anyone do anything to hurt another?

People are Suffering

There can be no doubt that Covid-19 has disrupted life as we’ve always known it. We can’t rely on jobs anymore. It’s not safe to be in public. There’s so much turmoil now that people are resorting to drastic measures.

We’ve had protests and violence and poverty and we’ve blamed everyone under the sun for our pain. In most places it’s not safe to go outside, and not just because of the virus. All the violence borne of fear and uncertainty has made it so.

The truth is, people behave this way because they are suffering. As Dale Carnegie put it, “Hurting people hurt people.”

We have the highest unemployment rate and biggest increase since U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting employment data in January 1948. People are struggling to survive. And that’s not to mention the health struggles people are going through.

So, what can we do to help?

Wear a Mask

This goes without saying, I hope. But here it is. The best and fastest and easiest way to help others is to lead by example. Wear a mask in public. And those around you will follow.

That said… the best thing you can do for those around you is…

Be a Leader

I don’t mean go out and become a politician or start vlogging, or anything drastic. To lead, in my opinion, means to help, or to serve. That’s what real leaders do. And one way to serve is to provide a better outlook for others.

Our behavior comes from our thoughts and beliefs. So, if we can see it better, we’re more likely to behave better. There’s more to it than that, like all the stuff that happens on the subconscious level, but this is the gist of it.

One of the ways we connect with people is by sharing in our miseries and complaints – which we tend to see as worse than it really is. But as Tony Robbins says, leaders must see things as they are and better than they are, not as worse than they are.

Take a look at the people in your life. Now that you’re aware of the greater picture – that people behave in ugly and often disturbing ways because they are suffering – you are in a better position to help them.

If we want to help those around us, we must not buy into the worse part of it. We must see things as they are and better than they are. Seeing the better is to create a compelling future… and that’s what inspires real positive action.

The truth is, there are two things we choose in any given situation: the meaning we apply to it, and our emotional state. This is better explained in an article by one of our favorite authors: What if We Could Do This?

In short, the quality of our life is determined by the questions we ask ourselves. In other words, we choose how to see things. Which means we can either choose to see all the things that are wrong, or we can choose to see the gifts. You do this by asking yourself better questions.

Your mind is wired to look for whatever you ask it. So, if you ask yourself what’s wrong with the world, your mind will seek out things to label as wrong. But if you ask yourself, how can I help? your mind will seek out the answer.

Other questions you can ask yourself, what are all the things that are right with the world? what is the gift in this situation? if you see it, and offer it as a vision to those around you, you can plant seeds of a more compelling future. Something to look forward to.

Think about it. When we were kids looking forward to Christmas, how did we behave? When you tell your kids how good they are, how do they behave?

Other questions: what can I be grateful for right now? how can I help? what can I do right now to influence those around me for the better?

So, having said all that, as a leader please wear a mask in public. You can help by staying focused on the positive and keeping those around you focused on the positive. And you can wear a mask in public.


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