Was the 2020 Presidential Election RIGGED?

I’ve just been on Twitter the last two days – and no surprise, I’m seeing the same hatred and insecurity and abusive behavior that was there before the election. Maybe it’s a little amplified.

Many things are being said. Accusations are flying around. We’re here to lay it straight. What’s really happening with the counts? Why is the media rushing to project Biden as winner? Why is Trump being censored?

So, let’s lay down the facts

First, unfortunately, we find it necessary to clarify what a fact is: a thing that is known or proved to be true. It is the truth about events, as opposed to interpretation. (This is straight from the OED.) How do we prove it? We verify.

If it can be verified, it is a fact. A tweet, for example, is not a fact unless it can be verified. I think the majority of tweeters don’t understand this fundamental difference.

You can argue with a fact all you want, but no matter how you spin or manipulate it, a fact cannot be denied. It will remain a fact.

What are the facts?

Pennsylvania polling did not follow state law on five counts

  1. Over 100,000 provisional ballots
  2. Allowing votes to be counted after election (contrary to state law and US Constitution)
  3. Ballots that came in afterward were not separated
  4. Cured ballots – some counties allowed people to correct their ballots, others did not
  5. No transparency – polling officials refused to allow legal observers to view the counting process
    • “Tractors blocked doors & windows were covered with thick cardboard so that observers could not see into the count rooms.”

All five of these are violations of Pennsylvania state law

What does all this imply?

As Rep. Jim Jordan said, it seems for the first time in American history, we have a party who “systematically set out to win an election after the election.”

Notice Twitter’s effort (in red) to manipulate your opinion

Georgia and Michigan both experience a “technical glitch” in their voting machines

Politico reported “A technology glitch that halted voting in two Georgia counties on Tuesday morning was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before, a county election supervisor said.”

What’s interesting is that this vender has never updated the system this close to elections before. So, why start now? Let’s find out…

“In Antrim County, a glitch caused thousands of Michigan ballots that were meant for Republican candidates to be wrongly counted for Democrats, according to Michigan Republican Party chairwoman Laura Cox, who added that 47 other counties in Michigan used the same software that experienced the reported glitch.” See report

This system was used in both Georgia and Michigan. The “glitch” occurred in many different counties in both states. Later, just as Biden was claiming a “projected win” and Trump’s tweets were starting to get censored, one official tried to sweep this all under the rug, claiming the “glitch” was caused by human error. No one in the media questioned it.

Investigators have been Dispatched

“…after a ballot “issue” was discovered in one of the county’s most responsible for giving former Vice President Joe Biden the lead over President Trump.” See full report

Dead people voting in Pennsylvania?

NOTICE: Twitter’s attempt to manipulate your opinion (in red)


Is there enough evidence to redirect the fate of the election? Let’s see what Trump’s attorney has to say…

Again, no one’s questioning any of this, or at least no one in the major media outlets and major social media outlets. Which leads me to a very disturbing fact…

And Now Twitter is Censoring the President, Who is, by the way, Still the President…

Donald Trump’s tweets are being censored from the feeds, and Twitter has added a label claiming Trump’s tweets are “disputed”. This is a fact because it can be verified. See screenshots below.

You’ll notice there are no likes, shares or comments. That is because, not only has Twitter blocked them from being seen unless you click, but they have also suppressed the tweets from the feeds, and now fact-checking (see below)

All this under their newly implemented Civic Integrity Policy. Below, you’ll find the opening. Find the rest here.

It’s interesting to note, though, that Biden’s claims to victory have not been blocked even though, as I write this several states are still counting, and several more are in dispute. Does that not seem like manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes to you?

Their policy goes on as follows:

They claim freedom of expression is the core value on which their company is based and yet they won’t allow that basic and constitutional right for the President. Whether they’re required to or not remains in question as there has yet to be case on it. That is for another article.

But it seems Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Donald Trump have a bumpy history, in which Trump has excluded Dorsey from playing and now it seems Dorsey might be butt-hurt. This is just a guess, but a reasonable one. Here’s an interesting article on the whole thing. It certainly makes me question Twitter’s true motives in censoring Trump’s content – other than simply trying to make the country believe Biden as won.

Twitter’s not the first, last, or only media outlet to censor or manipulate content from candidates they don’t like. In fact big name media has done this throughout history. We may do another article on that. Not sure as politics are not usually our thing.

More media manipulation by Twitter

So utterly disappointing. Regulating people’s tweets is just a misuse of power.

Since when is Twitter a place for reliable info? Most of what you see on there trolling. I mean, occasionally, if you go to the right people on Twitter, you can find reliable information. But that is not the majority and it is only bits and pieces.

Remember the media does not decide the presidency. This is not the first time this has happened – where the media hijacked elections and the actual decision had to go through the courts. It took about 36 days:

Notice Twitter’s attempt to manipulate your opinion (in red). There are other ways to get the news…

A News Channel that Doesn’t Use it’s Power to Prematurely Call a Winner

Newsmax does not recognize Biden as winner because the counting has not yet ended.

Personally, I am disgusted with this election. I wasn’t a “Trump supporter” before. I didn’t vote for him in his first election. But over the course of his first term, I became increasingly more concerned with the blatant media attacks. And I was amazed at how he managed to get things done despite the tremendous amount of opposition and outright abusive treatment he received.

His priority always seemed to be what’s best for the country, rather than the next vote. Not something you see from other politicians. Most seem to be nothing more than puppets. Trump is not a puppet. And therein lies the real issue, I think.

If the case is going through the courts, there’s real evidence. And, as we saw, this is going to the courts. So, while you’re waiting for the truth to be uncovered, beware what you read on social media – on any media platform. Do your own research. Verify the facts. Make sure you’re viewing whole interviews, and not just the bits that a certain news channel wants you to hear.

Really know what and who you’re supporting before blindly adopting an opinion simply because the source of it is your political party. Both sides have their fallacies. Irregardless, disagreeing with one side does not justify committing voter fraud.

We’re putting together an article to show you exactly how the media works. You won’t believe how little truth you’ll find in the media, and how little you own your opinion…. make sure you don’t miss that one. Sign up below.

*Featured image source: Fox Business

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