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NEW RELEASE: Escaping Pride

A small town suspense romance standalone with HEA NO cliffhanger. For mature readers

Olivia Elliot was destined to be with Emmet James. They met early in life, fell in love, and had the greatest summer of their lives. They planned their future together. And they planned to meet again. Then everything was ripped from them.

Seven years later, Olivia is living a very different life than she’d ever planned. She’s not in love, but who gets two great loves in one lifetime? She’s okay with this life – even if it is a little like walking-on-eggshells around her volatile husband. Until she walks right into her second chance. But is it too late?

Has her grief trapped her with the Pride of Deception Falls? Can she break free from his control? Will she ever get her happy-ever-after?

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

The Contract

An explicit standalone romance with an HEA and NO cliffhanger. For mature readers. 18+

“You must do as I say—everything I say—no questions asked. No matter what it is.”

“Oh—kay…Is that it?”

Abruptly, he stands and claps his hands. “Good. We’re settled on the preliminaries, then.” He pads over to his desk and scribbles a few notes on his legal pad. When he returns, I’m sure I see hunger in his eyes. Burning, raw, animalistic hunger… “Now, for your punishments.”

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Forbidden Ride

A stand alone explicit Romance with an HEA and NO Cliffhanger. For mature readers. 18+

She doesn’t want to be addicted to him. She doesn’t want these sinful desires to consume her. It’s wrong. He’s forbidden.

And now more than ever, with the long sought-after elite partnership hanging in the balance, the family can’t afford a scandal. But will she be able to resist his demands?

*Available on Kindle Unlimited