Positive Coronavirus Updates – What You Should be Focusing On

Is there such a thing as positive coronavirus updates? If you’re like everyone else in the world, you might be watching more news than usual lately. The problem with that is that what we focus on, we experience more of.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore the news. We need to be prepared. However, with so much discouraging news out there, it can be hard to keep a positive outlook and stay solution-oriented. Uncertain times can cause us to focus on what we fear.

And what we focus on we get more of, plain and simple. As Tony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

There are good things in the news that we can focus on. That’s what this article is about. Let’s find something positive on which to place our attention. Here are a few good things:

The infected:

70% of the 80,000 in infected in China have recovered and been sent home from hospitals. Apple has re-opened all of its stores in China.

South Korea is on a downward trend in cases, Friday reporting more recoveries than infections. Their national count is 7,979, with a death rate of 72.

MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland has developed a COVID-19 test that provides results in two hours.

In vaccines and treatments:

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute vaccine trials are underway. “The goal of the study is to learn about the safety of the vaccine and how the immune system responds to it,” they wrote in a post. Meanwhile, a vaccine could be here sooner than we thing, thanks to Israeli Research Center.

Can the Japanese flu drug treat the coronavirus? Sources say, it’s been “clearly effective“. And another team of scientists with Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, might have found COVID-19 antibodies.

Meanwhile, what one man is doing for his community:

And here’s something a Pennsylvania distillery decided to do about the soaring price of hand sanitizer: he’s making his own and giving it away for the price of “whatever people want to donate” Why? Because, in an emergency like this, “it’s the right thing to do.” As the brewery founder, Chat Buttery put it, “We’ll flood the valley with hand sanitizer and drive that price right down.”

As we said, uncertain times cause us to focus on fearful outcomes. And we know by now, what we focus on, we start to believe, and what we believe, we act on, moving us toward the thing we fear. The distillery owner, Buttery, chose to focus on a solution, and his solution is helping an entire community.

So, let’s set the intent for a positive outcome by focusing more on what we want than what we don’t want.

Here are a few areas in which you can shift your focus now:

  1. Focus on helping others by taking the focus off yourself – when we’re fearful, we become self-centered, meaning our driving force becomes preservation of the self. When we do this, we can more easily hurt others. Placing our focus on others helps you overcome the fear, and it helps others.
  2. Instead of focusing on the struggles this pandemic is causing, think of all the progress you’re making. Or the progress the world is making, like in the news mentioned above – the vaccines and treatments that are coming out of this. The communities coming together, helping each other.
  3. As supplies and resources dwindle, think of what is still available, all the amenities and conveniences we still have. No, focusing on what you have won’t control supplies coming in. But neither will focusing on the lack. But when you’re consistently focused on what you have, you see more of what you have available to you – and you become resourceful.
  4. Along those lines, don’t think of the losses, but on the opportunities. A question I ask myself in times of great difficulty is, “What is the gift in this?” Your mind will automatically seek out the answer to any and every question you ask it. So, if you’re asking what’s wrong, your mind will find it. But if you ask for the gift, your mind will find that too, and you will see opportunity.
  5. There can be no doubt we have a lot to complain about right now. Many people are out of work, many more sick. But all complaining does is attract to you, or make you more aware of, more things to complain about. This is a dangerous path to take, because the ultimate consequence is you miss out on all the things you have to be grateful for, as well as opportunity. This is a time to fight back with gratitude. Find whatever you can, however big or small, to be happy about, and then be happy about it.

What is the good news in your community? Share your positive coronavirus updates with us in the comments below. Tell us what you’re grateful for right now. What are you focused on that will bring you progress and a positive outcome?

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  1. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work from home which allows me to provide for my family during hard times like this. I have two small kids that are healhy. We live in the country away from the panic. I have a lot to be grateful for.

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