Review of JP Sears Live Comedy Stream, Friday Night, STILL ALIVE

Does it feel like the walls are closing in on you with the quarantine restrictions? Other than the hermits of the world who seem to have been training for this, we all should be dealing with some degree of cabin fever by now. 

In our quest to look for a night out inside, we found a JP Sears live comedy stream.

About JP Sears

You may have seen this guy’s skits floating around on YouTube. He’s a hybrid combination of personal insight meets humor.

It’s more than that though. It’s almost like he’s inviting us to look within, and have a good, healthy laugh. Because life’s too short take ourselves so seriously all the time.

Friday Night, STILL ALIVE is the live comedy stream that JP Sears will be putting on every Friday night until quarantine is over (as according to his website). 

For $9.95 you get roughly an hour of content. Considering that is about the price of a mixed drink at the comedy club, it’s a pretty good deal. But is the show worth it?

What to Expect

A mixture of wild antics, sprinkled with some insight, mostly.

For anyone who actively works on their self-growth, his mockery of expensive personal development gimmicks is sure to give you a laugh. JP’s got the angry conspiracy theorist covered, too. As well as the news report segment that will have you clutching your belly as you roll with laughter.

Rather than a traditional stand up comedy routine, the live stream takes on more of a variety show feel, similar to SNL or In Living Color. It includes his wife and a few friends, with whom JP appears seems to take creative liberties, throwing out improv when it doesn’t seem expected.

Or maybe it was? Either way, his co-stars roll with his antics in ways that only add to the hilarity. For those of you already familiar with JP, this will be in line with what you have come to expect from him.

If you’ve never seen him before, this is a good way to break the monotony of the usual comedy routine. I’m just going to get to the bottom line here: the show is hilarious. We laughed the entire time.

We could all use a laugh, right now

The live stream comes through YouTube and, for being produced at home, it has decent sound and video, too. 

The home production, in fact, reminded me of the simplistic style of the Monty Python movies where the obvious low budget seems to add to the humor of the whole thing.

Overall this is something we would strongly recommend, as we got some good laughs while staying inside together.

In short, we highly recommend the JP Sears Friday Night, STILL ALIVE for your lockdown entertainment.

By the way, we are not affiliated with JP Sears in any way. He has no idea who we are, or that I wrote this…so, shhh…

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