Review of On Her Feet by A.R. Curtis

Review of On Her Feet by AR Curtis

On Her Feet is a humorous story about a single mother, Nikki, who struggles to get on her feet after separating from her wealthy, cowboy-hat wearing husband. The book is not about the kids, but they have their part to play in Nikki’s growth.

It’s sort of a coming of age story sprinkled with just the right amount of good ole sweet romance. What’s great about this romance is that the love interest, Various, doesn’t try to come in and swoop her off her feet or rescue her in any way. He’s a mentor. He teaches and guides her, a familiar theme in Curtis books.

On Her Feet is extremely well done. The writing, from the syntax to character development to the plot structure was phenomenally woven together like a tasteful portrait.

The book may seem humorous and lighthearted, but it’s deeper than that. (Another commonality in Curtis books, which tend to be wisdom disguised as entertainment) It’s not afraid to tackle real-life struggles like divorce, single-parenting, family relationships.

Character development in this book surpasses most others in this genre. These aren’t cookie-cutter characters. You’ll get full reversals by the end of this book.

Yet, this is a laugh-out-loud kind of read. We recommend it for those who want to be inspired, want to laugh, and maybe even want a little wisdom.

On Her Feet is available on Amazon.

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