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NEW RELEASE: Escaping Pride

A small town suspense romance standalone with HEA NO cliffhanger. For mature readers

Olivia Elliot was destined to be with Emmet James. They met early in life, fell in love, and had the greatest summer of their lives. They planned their future together. And they planned to meet again. Then everything was ripped from them.

Seven years later, Olivia is living a very different life than she’d ever planned. She’s not in love, but who gets two great loves in one lifetime? She’s okay with this life. Until she walks right into her second chance. But is it too late?

Has her grief trapped her with the Pride of Deception Falls? Can she break free from the control he has on her? Will she ever get her happy-ever-after?

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

The Other Side of Red

2 Book Bundle of Paranormal Fantasy

Book 1: Her magic was his obsession. Her loyalty was his requirement. And her betrayal became his unraveling…

Book 2: Hell bound, he can’t deny the beast inside any longer, and he won’t, not even for her…

*Available on Kindle Unlimited


An Inspirational Romantic Comedy

Nikki E. Sparks has just divorced one of the wealthiest business tycoon’s in town. Unfortunately, she didn’t think it all the way through, and the new single-mother is failing miserably. Now, as she loses her third job in a row, she’s faced with a decision that could plant her upright on her own two feet for good. Or it could be her undoing, and force her to go crawling back to her cowboy-hat-wearing, straw-chewing, two-timing jerk of an ex. Download My FREE ARCAdd Button

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

The Contract

An explicit standalone romance with an HEA and NO cliffhanger. For mature readers. 18+

“You must do as I say—everything I say—no questions asked. No matter what it is.”

“Oh—kay…Is that it?”

Abruptly, he stands and claps his hands. “Good. We’re settled on the preliminaries, then.” He pads over to his desk and scribbles a few notes on his legal pad. When he returns, I’m sure I see hunger in his eyes. Burning, raw, animalistic hunger… “Now, for your punishments.”

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Forbidden Ride

A stand alone explicit Romance with an HEA and NO Cliffhanger. For mature readers. 18+

She doesn’t want to be addicted to him. She doesn’t want these sinful desires to consume her. It’s wrong. He’s forbidden.

And now more than ever, with the long sought-after elite partnership hanging in the balance, the family can’t afford a scandal. But will she be able to resist his demands?

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Crown of the Realm

An Epic Fantasy Adventure

The elven king and queen murdered. The crown of the realm stolen, and the elven lands aflame. A banished evil has returned.

Not far away, unhinged men hunting an outlaw crash into Derora Saxen’s peaceful village while she play jousts on ponies.

She sets out to find help with her protesting best friend, Kelin. But in assisting a stranger on the run, Caleb, they’re pulled headfirst into the chaos of the elven war.

Facing ancient evils, arrogant elves, a sarcastic knight mentor, and one traitor—maybe more—Derora, Kelin, and Caleb have to choose: gamble desperately or hope that traditional strategy can take them to victory against enemies who have been perfecting their revenge for two thousand years.

The Dark Heart of the Sea

A Romance

What happens when a ruthless pirate meets the woman who warms his dark heart?

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Murder On The Mountain

A Romance

She trusts him with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

A May Day to Remember

A Romance

A May Day to Remember features eight all-new novellas full of May Day Mischief and heart-pounding romance.

*Available on Kindle Unlimited

Every Step

A Romance

An annoyingly irresistible cop and a dare that could ruin her life… Love is a complication Kat will avoid at any cost.

*Available on Kindle Unlimited


A Romance

 Alternating chapters between Skye’s Alabama life and an intertwining tale of greed, deceit, and control in Texas, this story offers proof that all life is a woven tapestry of past, present, and future.

*Available on Kindle Unlimited