The Plan to Reopen The US – Coronavirus Task Force Update

[UPDATED APRIL 19] At least 17 million Americans have lost their jobs since Covid began. We’ve all been wondering it… when will Lockdown End? Well, it’s complicated… It’s not like the coronavirus has a switch we can flip. Although, it might feel like that’s exactly how this whole thing started. It did seem sudden, didn’t it?

The US president wants to reopen our economy as early as May 1st. And though he would like to do it in a big bang sort of way–opening the country up all at once–he knows it’s not the likeliest method.

Plan to Reopen the US

The risk is clear: if we jump too soon, we could experience a resurgence. Eeopening needs to happen in stages.

We’re starting to open up our states

The plan is that we’ll reopen in three stages.

  1. Preparation phase, which will prepare the people via public relations through May 1st
  2. May 1-15 include mass production of test kits and equipment
  3. As long as local conditions allow, we reopen. Which likely means the least hit areas will lead the country in returning to work. Discretion will be up to state and local governments who best know their conditions

Vice President Pence stated, “We’re going to continue to work with the governors of every state with the president’s guidelines on opening up America again, and we’re going to work in a way that we can consolidate the progress we have made and help move our states toward reopening our country.”

The president wants small business to open up when the country opens up. For this reason, he is working hard to make sure their employees get taken care of. As he said, “We want to take care of our workers. We want to take care of our small companies.”

What We’ve Done So Far – Under Pressure

Sunday, the Coronavirus Task Force held a live press conference. In case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights:

Leaders, military people and heroic Americans have done a phenomenal job in the US during this crisis. They’ve put forth real, bipartisan efforts. Through their efforts, they’ve developed tests, built hospitals, procured more than enough ventilators, and more.

Now, 10 million additional swabs (test collectors) per month will be produced, and, using the Defense Production Act, another 20 million per month. 20 million masks per month, and, through the Defense Production Act, another 40 million. And another 500 million are coming.

No one who has needed a ventilator has been turned down. In other words, we have enough in supply at the moment, and continue to work on this.

More progress and plans were reported. View the whole briefing here:

Currently we’ve surpassed 40k in deaths. If we hadn’t closed our country when we did, millions more would have died. Our leaders and American heroes have stepped up to make things happen.

Trump also answered a question about a second stimulus check

About the Supply Chain

Supply chain and logistics task force continues to work with states and local governments.

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us a lot about the supply chain, like having parts made in other countries makes a weak link in the chain, and could put us in danger if we were in conflict with these other countries. The ideal situation is to take back our supply chains by making products at home.

Original post:

Experts Agree that Nation-Wide Coronavirus Testing is Necessary Before we Reopen

Experts say wide-spread monitoring and testing is essential before the US can reopen.

The previous US government plan to end funding for the drive-through test sites has been extended. They will continue funding, allowing states to take them over if they choose.

What Officials are Saying

The Mayor of Los Angels predicts the first in a series of lockdowns will continue until June.

And, if successful, we should expect a “second and maybe even third round of lockdowns” in the fall because that’s how viruses work.

Former Obama official warns that we should “be prepared for a meaningful level of deliberate suppression of economic activity for the rest of the year.”

Still other officials say, “As long as a large majority of the population remains uninfected, lifting the containment measures will lead to an epidemic almost as large as would happen without having mitigations in place at all.”

We don’t know for sure, however, what percentage of the American population is actually infected. How could we known that without testing every single one of us?

You Have the Power to Choose How this will Affect Your Life

And you are the only one with this power. Choose what this means to you and act with prudence.

For example, the government has said that it is bad to go back to work right now, but okay to go to the grocery store – where everyone else in your community are also going.

You can have your groceries delivered. And if not, you can wear your mask and gloves, don’t eat anything, and wash your hands when you get home.

Learn what we know now about how covid is spread.

You can keep yourself strong and healthy – drink homemade bone broth and stay away from sugar. This doesn’t mean you won’t get sick, but you will have a better chance of fighting it if you’re in good health.

One thing we know for sure is that the fatalities happen most among those with heart and lung issues.

What this means is, whether the government sends us back to work too early or not early enough, we can’t control it.

What we can control is our response. We can continue to wear our protective gear, practice social distancing, and take care of our health until this epidemic is long behind us.

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