Wuhan, China, Reports Just 1 New Case for 2nd Day Running & Hospitals Low on Resources

Three months after the outbreak began, Wuhan China reports just one new case for the second day running.

As you may know, the outbreak began in China three months ago. Since, it has found its say to every continent, and in the US, it is in state. Currently, the global count of confirmed cases is over 200,000, and the fatality growing.

Hospitals are running low on lifesaving resources

While the news on Wuhan China is promising, the rest of the world is still early in the fight. And those on the front lines have felt the impact.

Earlier today, hospital warned of ventilator shortage.

“If this peaks early and it peaks hard, we don’t have the resources for this and we’ll run out of ventilators and space,” Dr. Stephen Anderson, an emergency physician in Auburn, Washington, told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in an interview Wednesday on “Good Morning America.”*

Anderson said the hospital down the street from his has already run out for the moment.

And that’s not to mention those on the frontlines, risking their lives to combat the outbreak. They need testing and protective gear to keep them fighting.

“If people get sick and they’re out, that takes people off the frontlines to help with this,” said Anderson. “I’ve got my mask for today right here and I’m guarding it with my life because it could be my life. We reportedly have two days’ supply.”*

The most-affected countries:

These are the worst-affected countries by deaths, according to Johns Hopkins:*

  • China (Hubei): 3,122  
  • Italy: 2,503 
  • Iran: 988 
  • Spain: 558
  • France: deaths 
  • SouthKorea, 84
  • UK: 71 deaths 
  • US: 55 deaths 
  • Netherlands: 43
  • Japan: 29

Most-affected by cases, per Johns Hopkins:*

  • China: 81,102 
  • Italy 31,506 
  • Iran 16,169 
  • Spain 13,716
  • German 9,877
  • South Korea 8,413 
  • France 7,696 
  • US 6,496
  • Switzerland 2,700 
  • UK 1,960 

What this means for you:

Hospitals are overwhelmed. And though, China seems to be slowing down after 3 months of battle, as the COVID-19 disease spreads, reported infections and the death count rise everywhere else.

Hospitals and healthcare workers are working frantically to do their part. If you’re home and healthy, you can do your part, too. It’s up to you to take precaution, and help prevent further overwhelm.

If you’re healthy, here’s what you can do:

Practice social distancing and stay healthy.

As Nancy Foster, vice president for quality and patient safety policy at the American Hospital Association, said, “The best way not to overtax the health care system is to keep more people healthy. That is the reason public events have been canceled, schools are closed, businesses are instituting telework policies where possible, and other changes have been made to the way we routinely lead our lives.”

More on what you can do to protect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19

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